Rod’s speaking rider

To download this rider in a PDF format, click here: Speaking Rider - Rod Arters



Please read through the rider carefully.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.   I look forward to serving your organization in the near future!

    1. It is expected that the inviting organization will cover all travel expenses (personal vehicle mileage, rental car fees, rental car gasoline, tolls, train or airfare & all fees related to airline travel including baggage fees, parking fees, Uber rides, etc) to and from the event (in addition to any honorarium you may choose to give).
    2. The current “rate” for car mileage (as determined by the I.R.S.) is $.55 per mile.
    3. If the event is more than 2 hours away (by car), I may request to rent a car.
    4. If the event is more than 4 hours away (by car), I may request to fly for my schedule’s sake.   If I am flying, I would prefer to reserve the ticket myself and be reimbursed when I arrive.   Please let me know ahead of time if someone is picking me up at the airport or if I am to rent a car.
    1. To serve you and your group as effectively as possible, I would prefer to have my own private quarters. I stay more rested (and therefore can serve you more effectively) when I am given my own “space.”   Thank you for arranging this if at all possible.  Please let me know in advance if I will need to bring my own sheets, blankets, sleeping bag, pillow or towels?
    2. If the accommodations will be a hotel, I’d prefer to book that myself and be reimbursed when I arrive.
    3. To save you money, I would be willing to commute to and from the event if possible and reasonable. (This applies to local bookings only)
    4. It is expected that the inviting organization will cover all lodging expenses.
    1. It is expected that all meals will be covered by the contact person through the duration of the event, including round-trip travel time.
    2. NOTE: I have a life-threatening allergy to all peanut products.  Please keep the entire menu free from peanuts, peanut butter and foods cooked in peanut oil while I am with you.  Even exposure to others eating such products can cause a severe reaction.   Thank you for being extra diligent in this area.
    1. I generally prefer to have a small podium or music stand to teach from. Please let me know if this will not be available for me prior to my departure.
    2. Depending on the size of the audience and acoustics of the room, I may need to have my voice amplified. If this is needed, please provide a sufficient sound system.   A cordless, lapel microphone best suits my presentation style.
    3. Please let me know if a projector (for PowerPoint presentation) will be available to use during the teaching. I will be bringing my laptop.
    4. For overnight events, will I have reasonable access to a printer (or nearby FedEx/Staples) should I need one?
    1. If you must cancel or change the date of your event, please notify me as soon as possible.  I may be able to serve someone else during that time.  Thanks!
  • BIO
    1. If you advertise this event, click here for the pre-approved promotional bio.
  • HONORARIUM - (I Corinthians 9:11-14)
    1. At this time, to accommodate as many requests as possible, I do not charge a set amount for my services.
    2. What I generally ask is that you would cover all of my expenses (round trip travel, lodging, food etc.) and then give beyond that as much as you feel led to give.
    3. I invest many hours in preparation, not to mention the time away from my own ministry while I am with you.  Thank you for being as fair and generous as your budget allows.  (Philippians 4:19)
    4. Please read "A word about honorariums" for more about this.