Do not click here

Do not read this signWelcome to the test I’m doing on human nature.

You failed, by the way.

I clearly asked you NOT to click this section and the fact that you are reading this clearly means you ignored my request.   It’s disappointing but honestly, I knew you would.  How?  Because if it was on your page, I would have clicked it too.  I, like you, would have blown right past your request.  Curiosity gets the best of us even though we know it already killed the cat.

Why do we do this?  Why do we intentionally go where we shouldn’t?  Why do we do what we are told not to do?  We see that the speed limit is 60 mph and we have to go 65.   But why?

It’s because, deep down, we are all law breakers.  On every level.  We like to think we are “basically good” but the truth is, from birth – we are “basically bad.”  Don’t believe me?   Babysit a two-year old.  Watch them for about 30 minutes.  No one teaches them to be bad.  No parent tells them how to lie or deceive.  They just do it.  They have an instant ability – almost instinctual.  For being so new to the law-breaking community, they have mad skills.  And they can often get away with “murder” because they are so dang cute.  No wonder, by the time they are our age, they are masterful at it.  Practice makes perfect, or in this case, it makes you better at hiding it.   Isn’t that what we do?

In a lot of ways, this is what my blog is about:

  • It’s about life.  Real life and real life issues.   Come back often enough and you’ll think I’m following you.  I’m not.  I write about the things I see and experience and think and chances are, you are thinking them too.   Especially those things you don’t want anyone to know you are thinking.
  • It’s about mistakes.  God knows I’ve made enough of them.  Maybe you can learn from mine?  Maybe I can learn from yours?  Hopefully, as we learn – we will make less of them.  I’m tired of paying the cost.  I’m sure you are too.
  • It’s about faith.  We all have faith though the object of it may differ.   My faith is in Christ.  If yours is not, perhaps this blog will challenge where you place yours.  Clearly, I’m not perfect.  (see above section)  I’m not even good.  I am merely one beggar telling another beggar where to find Bread.
  • It’s about hope.  Beyond oxygen, food and water – hope is the next essential.  Without it, we despair.  With it, we can endure almost anything.  My desire is to be a dispenser of hope.  If you need some, this blog will provide liberal portions.
  • It’s about grace.  People who make mistakes, need grace.  I have needed more than most.  You need grace too as you are reading a page you were forbidden to see.  Grace is the undeserved hug we all need from the one we just hurt.  This blog is full of grace.  It’s my way of giving you that hug you need.

Thank you for stopping by.  Feel free to share any post with anyone who needs it.