Brother’s Keeper™

i am my brother's keeperIt is no secret that hurting people hurt people.  This truth has been alive and active since its inception in the Garden of Eden.

After the fall of Adam & Eve, their children (Cain & Abel) had the first recorded domestic dispute.  Both men had brought an offering to the Lord from their respective labors.  Abel offered God the firstfruits of his work.  Cain gave God leftovers.  God accepted Abel’s offering while rejecting Cain’s.  Cain’s pride was wounded and instead of handling it appropriately, he chose to wound his little brother, Abel.  When God asked about Abel’s whereabouts, Cain smugly replied, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”   In the end, Abel was murdered and Cain became a fugitive, both physically and emotionally.  This isolation is what happens to all of us when we have hurt in our heart that has never been healed.  Ultimately, we end up hurting others – especially those closest to us.

Brother’s Keeper is a group that exists for hurting men and a place to help them find Hope and Healing through safe, transparent relationships with other men.  Though we are not responsible FOR our brother’s actions, we are responsible TO them and to be there FOR them.  Many men live on an emotional island.  They have successfully sequestered themselves from family, friendships and fellowship – keeping their sins and secrets to themselves.  This never works out, not just for the man – but for anyone the man is connected to.   Brother’s Keeper is here for THOSE men.

Many of us were (or are) hurting people who have ended up (intentionally or unintentionally) hurting others.  We wound others because we ourselves are wounded.  And though this is not an excuse for bad behavior, it is important to understand why we do it.  And until we understand it, we can’t get the healing we need.  Unless we are healed, we can’t truly help others.

If you are a hurting man or are finally coming to grips with the pain you have caused others and want a brother to walk alongside of your painful journey, contact me  or join our Facebook Group, Brother’s Keeper or reach us via email at:

**** If you are a woman in need of a similar group, please visit: Elisabeth Klein, Writer ****